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Friday, December 31, 2010

Out to KL - new year eve (alone)

happy new year in advance to all of you ..
need to pack my things
bye2 2010
bye2 kl
miss u

bukan diriku

Setelah kupahami

Ku bukan yang terbaik

Yang ada di hatimu

Tak dapat kusangsikan

Ternyata dirinyalah

Yang mengerti kamu

Bukanlah diriku

Kini maafkanlah aku

Bila ku menjadi bisu

Kepada dirimu

Bukan santunku terbungkam

Hanya hatiku berbatas

Tuk mengerti kamu

Maafkanlah aku


Walau kumasih mencintaimu

Kuharus meninggalkanmu

Kuharus melupakanmu

Meski hatiku menyayangimu

Nurani membutuhkanmu

Kuharus merelakanmu

Dan hanyalah dirimu

Yang mampu memahamiku

Yang dapat mengerti aku

Ternyata dirinyalah

Yang sanggup menyanjungmu

Yang lama menyentuhmu

Bukanlah diriku

new year celebration 2011

happy new year in advance...
jom celebrate new year..
mana nak gi ye malam nie..da lama tak berembun ..heehe..(tanduk da kuar nie)..
siapa nak temankan i..
give me a call ya..
countdown time bebeh

rindu + sedih = sakit

today is the last day in 2010.
i feel lost again.
is this my new year celebration ?
too many arguing make me headache and last nite i had a nightmare..
i want to cry (already crying)
am missing something ...
cukup terasa dgn kata2..betul ada yang mengatakan kata2 tu lagi berbisa daripada sebilah pedang..
if i can delete all my memories inside my head like we do to our pc/laptop..i will do it..
too many things inside my head ..
sesungguhnya memang susah untuk memuaskan hati pihak lain sehingga hati sendiri terluka..
kita sebagai manusia tak bole mmentingkan diri sendiri..
i try to be a good person..
am i pushing you very hard ?
its really hurt me deep inside my heart..
terasa selama nie i menyusahkan ..

rinduku pada tempat yang jauh lagi dikenang semakin kuat...wait for me dear..

Friday, December 17, 2010


 Display menu on the table - octapus, prawn, cheese and ham, unagi (belut)
 in the midst of preparation, before they put fish flake, mayonis...
tada...ready to eat..yummy..

Last week i went to Midvalley, want to buy my personal things. Before going back, drop by at Tako Stall to buy tako. Tako made from flour mix with milk. inside the tako, we can  choose between 4 item above as per earlier pic. i always choose for unagi.. i love it so much. You must eat when it is hot. the stall just situated at Ground floor in front of jusco supermarket. So, you must try for those havent try it.

happy eating !!!

Monday, November 22, 2010


 live in Astro
 Spaghetti bolognese
 kuew teow beef noodle
 wanna a ball..come and grab it

world cup flag

First time celebrate world cup at Souled Out, Sri Hartamas.

Another memory to cherish. Soul out actually served Local, Western and Italian food.

Recommended this place.

Happy eating !!


 orange juice

 watermelon juice

We went modestos long time again. Only now i have the time to share with all you. Situated at Sri Hartamas opposite KFC and Hartamas Square.

Now come the sad part, the place already demolished and no more modestos there. I dont where they move. maybe if you know the new place, please let me know ya.

The food and drink is good. I forgot to take my salmon (always my favorite). Calamari also good.

What a memorable moments during world cup and i lost my bet. Argentina vs South Korea (if am not mistaken)...huhu...

Hope i can dine in later in new modestos...

Happy viewing guys !!!


Kuew teow goreng - yummy

Uncle Don Alley situated at 1st floor, Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas. Concept of the restaurant is like a stall concept. Mostly Johor food such as Mee rebus Haji Wahid, Bee hoon soto, otak2 kempas, tauhu bakar, and murtabak singapore. Beside that, they have nasi ayam (recommended), nasi lemak, satay, waffle, kuew teow, mee goreng, rojak buah and nasi goreng.

When i come here, normally i like to order their kuew teow. Yummy, served with kerang, egg and prawn. For who is a seafood lover, it is really worth for you.

Food: 4/5
Location: 4/5
Price: 3/5 quite expensive

Happy eating guys


 Mandy rice - Chicken
Kabshah kebab - unfortunately it was very salthy

Arab cuisine one of my favourite food. This is my second visit to Al Rawsha. First time i went there at Jalan Damai off Jalan Ampang Branch. Went there for berbuka puasa with my MMU mate.

I ordered Mandy Rice and Mr. P ordered Kabshah Kebab - lamb. The rice is delicious and unfortunately, kebab so salthy. Poor you Mr. P. But we managed to get the replacement and by that time, Mr. P already full + no selera anymore (Frustrated) sorry ya...

The price quite expensive if compare to Jalan Damai coz here open 24 hours.

Food: 4/5 except the salthy kebab
Location: 4/5 (have a lot of parking space and the restaurant so huge, from Kg Pandan Roundabout you can see the huge mansion)
Staff: 4/5 they so friendly

Happy eating !!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 Can you see a lot of people there...huhu
 hungry face...dalam hati ' lamanya mamat n minah nie nak bangun'
 da peluk tubuh...grrrrr (my sis belanja kali ni...hehehe)
 honey dew special - honey dew, watermelon, nata de coco and lychee
 lamb chop - tasteless (a little bit dissapointed)
 mango special - mango, watermelon, nata de coco and lychee
 mee raja - seafood ( you can see from her face, how good the food, yummy) muncung da macam ostrich...hahaha
another funny face...hehehe..sure her gelak when her see the picture inside my blog....

Again, again and maybe repeat next time...last week, we went there need to story more as all you know about it already..(previous entry)..

Happy viewing...adios..


 Pink panther - strawberry cordial, lychee, nata de coco, watermelon
 i love u - ribena, sprite, lemon, lychee
 nasi goreng meletop - seafood, chicken, petai (bau tu)
 mee raja - they have seafood but i ask for chicken coz i dont like seafood (lol)
roti hawai - minced chicken, sausage, egg, cheese

Last month, my sis ask me to bring her to SS2 Murni. I've been here 2 times with my frens. We went there for our dinner. SS2 Murni situated at Seksyen 2, PJ near to Public Bank.

My sis ordered nasi goreng meletop, roti hawai and i love you drink and i ordered mee raja and pink panther drink.

The food quite interesting because the taste is good, and the name also unique. But there is one which i dont like, we have to wait for seat. The table and chair quite limited but i dont understand why people still want to queue for the food....

The price is reasonable. Total bill is RM30. For me, not so cheap and not so expensive.

Happy eating guys !!!


 In front of restaurant
 lai chi kang & watermelon juice
 bee hoon tomyam - dry (not recommended)
 deco inside the restaurant
 long table
satay - yummyy

Just recently pay a jalan makan-makan visit at RK Satay corner situated at Setiawangsa. But dont be fooled by the restaurant name. For those who are not die hard fan of satay, still can get the variety of noodles and aneka fried rice at your convenience.

Minutes of arrival, satay stall will welcoming you and aroma of the satay within a reached. They grilled those satay just like old days with a lot of charcoal and smoke all over the place, again, it wont disturbed your convenience dining for sure.

We ordered satay daging and satay ayam coupled with nasi himpit. Since mesmerized by the picture from the menu, just taking mee tomyam for starter. However, that mee tomyam was a little bit dissapointed. Perhaps they overlook the side dishes apart from satay as a main attraction.

And, for the drinks, watermelon and lai chi kang ordered at no time. Satay arrival was most anticipated moments and kuih kacang was so delicious. Satay is at no better without superb kuih kacang. Eventho' satay Kajang are well known and famous but RK Satay can easily at par with Kajang delight.

Price are quite reasonable in comparison and dining with condusive environment and ambience with Tricycle or Becha by your side will bring back your memory lane during heydays.

For KL Lads who think travel to Kajang will tax your time, there is no place looking for excellence Satay until your pay a visit at RK.

'Happy Sataying' and dont forget to get your tissue ready to clean up your saliva.

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Saya ingin menonton filem The Social Network!!"

 Filem Social Network ini adalah satu kisah benar dimana Mark Zuckerberg melahirkan satu fenomena baru yang tidak disangkal lagi sebagai satu kelahiran yang paling memberi signifikan dalam dunia jalinan sosial terhebat abad ini.

Sekiranya Bill Gates terkenal dengan Microsoft, maka Zuckerberg mencantikkan dunia ini dengan Facebook yang mana ianya bermula dengan pelajar-pelajar dari Philip Exeter Academy menggunakan direktori pelajar dan memaparkan Gambar kenangan sebagai panduan graduasi. "Bukan kerana wang penciptaan ini tapi maklumat yang menanti" kata-kata hikmat Mark yang sebati dengan kejayaan Facebook.

Zuckerberg dengan dibantu oleh teman-teman rapat yang memberi semangat untuk penciptaan beliau, mula mengandakan usaha sebagai alat komunikasi pelajar-pelajar dan dikembangkan ke lain-lain kolej.Namun begitu, setiap kejayaan bukan mudah untuk dikecapi, halangan demi halangan menanti baik dari pihak kolej sendiri dan juga dari musuh-musuh dikalangan teman teman sendiri yang tidak suka dengan hasil usaha beliau. Pada mereka kejayaan mesti terus dihalangi dalam apa cara sekalipun.
 Semua halangan ini pastinya memberi suntikan baru dan beliau menemui Peter Thiel yang membantu memberi pelaburan demi kejayaan Facebook. Akhirnya setelah berbagai dugaan dari pihak konglomerat, saman demi saman yang tiba, Mark Zuckerberg dengan rasminya menerima pengguna ke 500 juta pada July 2010. Ianya menandakan dunia tanpa sempadan dan populasi baru dan pastinya Mark Zuckerberg akan dikenang sebagai pencipta terhebat dalam era 'Social Networking' yang menjadi kegilaan dunia internet.

Filem ini diarahkan oleh David Fincher dan penulis skrip Aoron Sorkin dan diadaptasi dari buku ‘The Accidental Billionaires’ oleh Ben Mezrich. Lakonan mantap oleh Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake.
So, what are you waiting for, lets watch the movie. Happy watching!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


rindu sangat pada bumi bertuah. I wish can be there soon. i need to talk to you. you tempat i mengadu di kala i sedih...i tahu you takkan berkata2 ...tu da lebih dari cukup...rindunya..kita takkan sedar ..tapi bila saat kita kehilangannya..ianya sudah terlambat ...alangkah bahagianya kalau ku dapat undur waktu..i just miss the moment...really miss it...insya -Allah, i'll be there soon untuk mengubat rindu dan lara duka..wait for me ya...really miss it...


When i feel lost.....

apakah yg engkau cari

tak kau temukan di hatiku

apakah yg engkau inginkan

tak dapat lagi kupenuhi

bgtulah aku pahamilah aku

mungkin aku tidaklah sempurna

tetapi hatiku memilikimu sepanjang umurku

mungkin aku tak bisa memiliki

dirimu seumur hidupku

apakah yg engkau cari

tak kau temukan di hatiku

apakah yg engkau inginkan

tak dapet lagi kupenuhi

bgtulah aku

pahamilah aku

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


 The queue - in front of me
The queue - behind me (already L shape)

2 - 3 months ago my mum keep asking me to bring her to Nasi Lemak Tanglin. I said I dont know the place. One day, i try to google searching for Nasi Lemak Tanglin place and i found it. Try to get the direction from one of the blog (sorry dude, i forgot ur blog address..pity of me).

One fine day (Saturday), i went there with my mum and bro. We reached there about 8.00am. Thank God, the queue not so long. In front of me just about 10 person to go. Queuing about 10 minutes, finally my bro and me reached the counter. They have ayam goreng, ayam masak merah, daging rendang, sotong sambal, telur sambal and begedil. I take nasi lemak with ayam masak merah (actually looking for chicken rendang, but they said today no chicken rendang today) + begedil. My bro take 2 nasi lemak with sotong sambal, ayam goreng. (one nasi lemak not enough for him...hahaa) and my mum sotong sambal. One tapau for my sis, nasi lemak + sotong sambal.also.

The nasi lemak just ordinary but the sambal is delicious (the use dry chili compare to boh chili). They have one branch at Bangsar (restaurant). I just went there last week, will update soon k,

Food : 3/5 star
Location: 4/5 star (easier to find)
Serve: 4/5 (very fast)

Happy eating !!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


 Table presentation
 One of the entrance which is link to Parkson
 inside the restaurant
cute little things

I went to Garden retaurant - One Utama Branch to break fast with my MMU Frens. This gathering already become our annual reunion. One of our fren suggest to this place. Plan to go to the curve branch but full booking.

Garden served local and western food. Surrounding full of artificial flowers and tree. Dining inside the garden, That's they get name of garden. During our visit to this restaurant, the service is very bad.

Waiter which attend us is very rude (bangla-he cannot understand our language and vice versa. He speak like Banglalish. I cant imagine how the management take him work there). that one story. Another story is my fren did not get their food and drink until us finish ours. I go to their manager asking where is my frens dishes.

He promised to serve the food and drink in 5 minutes. While waiting for the food arrived, the manager give my fren a free of Mushroom soup for compliment. 5 minutes later, the food and drink reach at our table. He said no charge for the food. (Bestnya) hehehe..

Thumb up for the manager for that day. thanks a lot. But they have to watch the bangla waiter or change a new one for better improvement and customer friendly.

4/5 star for the food and price
0/5 star for the waiter - bangla
4/5 star for the Manager

Happy eating guys !!!


 So impressive, just press the button and they will come to you.
 ikan siakap masak 3 rasa, kailan ikan masin
tomyam ayam ..superb..picture quite blur..sorry...

Sukhumvit situated at Kg Baru. Recommended by one of my MMU fren. The food, price and place very nice. Surrounding of the area full with the bamboo. Dining here feel like you inside the forest. Am afraid that who's know maybe snake hiding in behind the bamboo...mintak simpangla kan..

The restaurant serve Thai food. On that day, we ordered Tomyam Ayam, Siakap Tiga Rasa, Telur dadar, plain rice and kailan ikan masin. Delicious...4 out of 5 star.

Happy eating