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Thursday, October 28, 2010


 Table presentation
 One of the entrance which is link to Parkson
 inside the restaurant
cute little things

I went to Garden retaurant - One Utama Branch to break fast with my MMU Frens. This gathering already become our annual reunion. One of our fren suggest to this place. Plan to go to the curve branch but full booking.

Garden served local and western food. Surrounding full of artificial flowers and tree. Dining inside the garden, That's they get name of garden. During our visit to this restaurant, the service is very bad.

Waiter which attend us is very rude (bangla-he cannot understand our language and vice versa. He speak like Banglalish. I cant imagine how the management take him work there). that one story. Another story is my fren did not get their food and drink until us finish ours. I go to their manager asking where is my frens dishes.

He promised to serve the food and drink in 5 minutes. While waiting for the food arrived, the manager give my fren a free of Mushroom soup for compliment. 5 minutes later, the food and drink reach at our table. He said no charge for the food. (Bestnya) hehehe..

Thumb up for the manager for that day. thanks a lot. But they have to watch the bangla waiter or change a new one for better improvement and customer friendly.

4/5 star for the food and price
0/5 star for the waiter - bangla
4/5 star for the Manager

Happy eating guys !!!


 So impressive, just press the button and they will come to you.
 ikan siakap masak 3 rasa, kailan ikan masin
tomyam ayam ..superb..picture quite blur..sorry...

Sukhumvit situated at Kg Baru. Recommended by one of my MMU fren. The food, price and place very nice. Surrounding of the area full with the bamboo. Dining here feel like you inside the forest. Am afraid that who's know maybe snake hiding in behind the bamboo...mintak simpangla kan..

The restaurant serve Thai food. On that day, we ordered Tomyam Ayam, Siakap Tiga Rasa, Telur dadar, plain rice and kailan ikan masin. Delicious...4 out of 5 star.

Happy eating

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Madam Kwan's Bangsar situated near Chawan cafe (one row). I have been 2 times, first time at Mid Valley and second time at Bangsar also for break fast.

We ordered Plain Rice, Sweet Sour Fish, Chicken Curry, Brocolli + Mushroom with Soya Sauce, Sago Gula Melaka for our dessert (yummy). It make my stomach full. The food just nice for 4 person. Again, i forgot to take picture. Maybe too hungry during Ramadhan. Beside that, they also have Fried rice, char kuew teow, curry mee and etc. Nice place but the waiter & waitress were not very friendy. I think they should go for customer service training. No skill of entertain people. VERY POOR. Sorry Madam Kwan's, you have to keep track on your staff k...take it positively ...

Thumb up for the food. Fully recommended.



Have you been to Pizza Milano ? Yes ? How about the food ? No? You should try k. I have been there 2 times. The pizza quite nice and doh of pizza very different from existing big pizza restaurant such as Pizza Hut and Domino's.

Beside that they have variety of pasta compare to others. Dessert serve here is waffle. Combination of waffle and fruit. Spaghetti bolognese and meatball is superb. The price quite cheap. Recommended.

They have a few branch. I visit at Bangsar, at Lucky Garden, just beside of Pizza Hut. Competitor just near you. Two times go there, forgot to take the picture of food. should i pay a visit again? Insya -Allah, Maybe later...come dear, we go again..yehaa...

happy eating guys !!


 Mushroom soup  - its really bad. not recommended
 signage outside of the retaurant
 inside the restaurant
bar which they display of cookies and dessert

Last 2 months, i went to this Cafe Barbera situated at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar (one row with Rebung Restaurant) after being influenced of watching Serina in Jalan - Jalan Cari Makan.  I got excited coz the place look very exclusive. Agree the place is good. We went there for our break fast during our second week of Ramadhan.

We ordered Beef lasagna (the taste ok), Mushroom soup (so bad) and Salmon Grill (tasteless). There is proverb saying that ' Don't judge the books by its cover'. It is suitable enough to represent Cafe Barbera (am so sorry, i have to tell the truth, if you read my blog, please improve on the taste of the food)

I just take the picture of Mushroom soup and surrounding. Forgot to take the rest. Maybe this is the first and the last time i go there.

Happy viewing

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


 on the table
 wau penyu signage
 ribena laici, normally uolls hear ribena longan rite. but its different. the taste superb
 laksa penang - they use tuna ..not so spicy...
 mee kari - delicious but the quantity less
nasi goreng kampung + ayam percik - marvellous. nasi goreng serve with fried egg, 2 stick of satay. ayam percik order separately.

 Everyday i use pass this restaurant because it's near to my house (about 10 minutes driving). One day, my sis n me searching for place to eat. My sis said why dont we try the new restaurant. I said ok. The restaurant serve Pantai Timur Food + Western such as Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Rojak Betik (Terengganu), Ayam Percik, Laksam, Sup Ekor & all Kelantan & Terengganu dish.

The food so ok and the  price quite expensive compare to normal restaurant with the less quantity. It situated just near to Wilayah Persekutuan Mosque inside the Solaris Dutamas.

Please visit their website for more mouth watering menu...yummy..

happy eating !!!


 serai juice - feel like drink ice tomyam...hahaha
 inside the restaurant
 signboard of bali feel
 outside the restaurant
 close up signboard - i like grren
 watermelon juice
 nasi goreng bali style
ayam penyet

My fren want to treat for iftar and suggest go to Bali Feel. It was my first time there. For me the food NOT SO OK, especially their 'ayam penyet'. Result: FAILED. The chicken taste like chicken which has been frozen for long time (not fresh). The nasi goreng also not so delicious. 10x better nasi goreng mamak compare to nasi goreng bali. This is the first & the last time i go there.

If you still want to go, it situated just on the way to Pantai Dalam.

Enjoy viewing

Monday, October 18, 2010


 Surrounding area 1
Surrounding area 2

 Surrounding area 3

 first trip
last trip

On last 2 days before raya aidilfitri, i went to muara ikan bakar for iftar. actually am 'teringin' to eat ikan bakar. dont why. maybe am thinking of ikan bakar at my favourite place in alai, melaka (the best in melaka). if i want to go to melaka for ikan bakar, it quite far. neareast is tanjung harapan ikan bakar. we take siakap - tiga rasa, jenahak bakar, telur dadar, kangkung belacan, udang n sotong goreng tepung, otak2 and nasi lemak for two.

The food quite ok especially 'siakap tiga rasa'. marvellous. Surrounding of the restaurant is sea..tanjung harapan. we eat still until stomach full + tapau for the food that we cannot finish. at least can eat fot tomorrow sahur.

happy viewing !

Medan Muara Ikan Bakar @ Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin Kaw 20, Bandar Sultan Suleiman, Pelabuhan Klang Utara (Northport), Port Klang

Tel: +603 3176 6929

Friday, October 15, 2010


 apple green kasturi - 'terbaik'
 nice right - bangsar branch (lucky garden-near domino's bangsar)
hot jasmine tea
 Spaghetti meatball
chicken grill + banana milkshake

All of us like to go to secret recipe, always looking for their the best cheese to dine there for their western food..we went there for last month coz my ehem2x 'mengidam' least 'tertunai' ...the food, of course need to story more know better than me...hahaha...

happy eating audience...

jln bangkong, bangsar 03 - 2092 4288


 inside the restaurant
 menu of the day
 outside the restaurant

beside restaurant known as strawberry cafe, owned by his son. you can order food at father restaurant but drink you must order at son cafe if you sit at cafe. The father restaurant also serve drink but if you sit at father restaurant. son cafe have limited choice of drink.
 hot chinese tea
 banana milkshake - my favourite
 onion ring - best in town..i like
the filing inside..its different from normal onion ring coz the filing consist of onion minced...i dont like a normal onion ring, it slice of big onion..

Strawberry field have about 2-3 branches in KL. One in PJ, and another one in Subang. I always went to PJ Branch coz its near to my office and home (in the middle) to go here? drive you car is the easiest way. situated near to Pappa Rich, Tmpoint PJ (PJ-Sea park). the restaurant open from 7.00am to 2.00am

They have a lot of choice from local stall to western style. This is place that i would like to lepak and honestly the food quite ok. Will update on more food later...(need to search for old picture)

Happy eating guys

14, Jalan Tengah, PJ
03 - 7960 1268


done... again

the soup & tomyam bowl

Just want to share the cheapest steamboat restaurant in town...last time i went to their first branch which is in Sunway..just beside Sunway Pyramid...last week, i went to their 2nd branch which in Setapak (Danau kota)..

they have a lot of variety/choices of steamboat food...beside that, they also have fried rice, french fries, dessert, vegetables, ice cream...its about 150 choices...if you to come sure but make sure your tummy is empty in order to fill up all the food there...its value for your money

let visit their website for more details

Danau Kota Branch (Setapak) 017 - 707 7300

happy eating !!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


CKN Swiss Sand
Salmon Grill

Pineapple sunrise

Strawberry lemonade

If you are looking for best western in town (for me), I would like to suggest go to Tony Roma's. I have been there 4-5 times and my reference is the ribs & salmon grill. Fantastic, make my mouth watering again and again..hahaha...

Picture above show how tasty it is but so sorry..the food just left half..forgot to take the picture before ...hehehe...recommended to go there.
They have so many branches..i went to Cineleisure branch..situated just ground floor ...You can visit to their website for further info ...

happy eating...

e-curve 03-7728 7833