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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


 serai juice - feel like drink ice tomyam...hahaha
 inside the restaurant
 signboard of bali feel
 outside the restaurant
 close up signboard - i like grren
 watermelon juice
 nasi goreng bali style
ayam penyet

My fren want to treat for iftar and suggest go to Bali Feel. It was my first time there. For me the food NOT SO OK, especially their 'ayam penyet'. Result: FAILED. The chicken taste like chicken which has been frozen for long time (not fresh). The nasi goreng also not so delicious. 10x better nasi goreng mamak compare to nasi goreng bali. This is the first & the last time i go there.

If you still want to go, it situated just on the way to Pantai Dalam.

Enjoy viewing

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