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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


 The queue - in front of me
The queue - behind me (already L shape)

2 - 3 months ago my mum keep asking me to bring her to Nasi Lemak Tanglin. I said I dont know the place. One day, i try to google searching for Nasi Lemak Tanglin place and i found it. Try to get the direction from one of the blog (sorry dude, i forgot ur blog address..pity of me).

One fine day (Saturday), i went there with my mum and bro. We reached there about 8.00am. Thank God, the queue not so long. In front of me just about 10 person to go. Queuing about 10 minutes, finally my bro and me reached the counter. They have ayam goreng, ayam masak merah, daging rendang, sotong sambal, telur sambal and begedil. I take nasi lemak with ayam masak merah (actually looking for chicken rendang, but they said today no chicken rendang today) + begedil. My bro take 2 nasi lemak with sotong sambal, ayam goreng. (one nasi lemak not enough for him...hahaa) and my mum sotong sambal. One tapau for my sis, nasi lemak + sotong sambal.also.

The nasi lemak just ordinary but the sambal is delicious (the use dry chili compare to boh chili). They have one branch at Bangsar (restaurant). I just went there last week, will update soon k,

Food : 3/5 star
Location: 4/5 star (easier to find)
Serve: 4/5 (very fast)

Happy eating !!!

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